“Every problem is a gift... without problems we would not grow.”

Anthony Robbins

Free thinkers work at WorkBubble! We are innovative, pragmatic and customer-oriented. We create solutions that work. Solutions that the market needs. We believe in simple processes and software, to make society a little easier and more beautiful.

Our products

(Web) apps are our specialty and cannot be ignored nowadays. Both professionaly and privately, we need access to our information. Anytime, anywhere, on any device. A (web) app offers a solution and ensures an even better information provision. We strongly believe in a customer-driven approach. That’s how WorkBubble came into existence! WorkBubble is our standard product. However, at the same time we can tailor solutions specifically. We do not shy away from a challenge!

Our services

Of course we offer maintenance and support on our solutions. We also like to think about smart process design, as a consultant. Independent advice or project management for larger implementations are also among our qualities.

Get in touch

We are happy to help you, for example with safe office occupancy!